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From Background Noise to Guest Delight: Why Music Management is Critical to the Hospitality Industry

06 Jun 2023

Have you ever walked into a hotel and instantly experienced a surge of emotions that made you instantly like (or dislike) the place?

Most people only focus on the lighting and décor of a hotel to conclude whether they like the place or not without realizing that there’s another element that influences your perception of a place: music.

The role of music is often overlooked when it comes to establishing the guests’ perception. Music can not only influence how your guests perceive your hotel to be, but it also helps you establish a brand identity that can help you stand out among your competitors.

There has been a lot of research on the role of music in the hospitality industry and how it affects business performance. And after extensive research, we can now say that music is a powerful tool that can affect your guests’ mood, energy levels, and even their behavior. The music you play at your venue is more than just background noise – it’s your ultimate tool to make the guests feel delighted and willing to spend money!

Role of Music on Guest Behavior

For most people, music is just the songs they hear when they’re free and want to relax and unwind. But for hospitality businesses, music is a powerful tool that profoundly impacts their guests. The right music can help you not only stand out from your competitors but also help you engage with your guests, create the desired ambiance, and uphold your reputation.

Music can compel people to feel and behave differently. It can influence their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors and play a critical role in shaping the experience your guests have when they are in your establishment.

The key to maximizing the benefits of music in the hospitality industry is to use the right type of music at the right time. For example, if you want to create a romantic atmosphere where your guests can enjoy the feel of luxury dining, you simply can’t play upbeat music. You will need soft music that takes your guests into a romantic trance. The wrong music can be a total turn-off for the guests.

Let’s see what role music has to play in the hospitality industry:

Music Can Influence Guests’ Perception About Your Hotel

Music can shape your guests’ perception of your hotel. For example, if you play lively music in your establishment, the moment a guest walks in, they will automatically perceive your establishment to be a casual hotel. There’s no way they will consider you a luxurious hotel. The right music will influence a guest’s positive associations with a hospitality establishment.

Music Can Influence Guests’ Mood and Behaviors Music can profoundly impact how your guests feel when they’re at your establishment. Let’s look at it this way; has it ever happened to you that you’ve walked into a fine-dine hotel and the soft music instantly made you feel like you’ve stepped into a luxury establishment and your body language instantly changes to match the atmosphere?’ Well, that’s the power of music! The right kind of music will help you create the intended vibe at your venue and influence how people feel and behave.

Music Can Drive Spending

As explained above, music can help you create a vibe and influence people’s behavior. In doing so, you also influence people’s willingness to spend. If you choose the right kind of music to go with the fine-dine atmosphere of your hotel, the guests will instantly feel they have stepped into a fancy place, and from that moment onwards, they will make up their minds to spend money because the atmosphere will be worth it!

Music is a strong tool that hotels should make maximum use of. The background music you play at your hotel will create a vibe. The fancier the vibe of your hotel, the more premium an experience you’ll deliver to your guests. And guests won’t mind paying more for your hotel’s premium experience.

Music Will Foster Memories

When your guests like the atmosphere of your establishment and enjoy themselves, they will take good memories back, and the good memories will bring them back. This will help you build a loyal customer base and consistent business outcomes. Music Will Lead to Positive Word of Mouth

When your guests find your establishment worth their time and money, they are highly likely to recommend your hotel to others as well based on their experience. This way, music will serve as a strong marketing tool for your hospitality business.

Music Management in Hospitality Industry

Music plays a significant role in the hospitality business. From influencing people’s moods to driving them to spend money, music does much more than provide background noise. Let’s look at how you can utilize music to its full potential for your hospitality business:

Align the Music with the Type of Guests You Get

Every hotel receives a certain type of guests. For example, you won’t get young guests if you are a formal dining place. Most of your guests will be older businessmen and corporate figures. You need to make sure the music you play aligns with their personalities. Genre selection is very important!

Change Music with the Time of the Day

The same music won’t do well for lunch and dinner hours. You need to change the music you play at your establishment based on the time of the day. Since lunch hours are more of a hustle- bustle, the music should match the pace of the day. Dinners are usually calmer and more relaxing.

Refresh Your Playlist Regularly

Don’t play the same music all the time. Your loyal customers will get bored. Stick to the relevant genres but change the songs accordingly. You certainly wouldn’t want to put off a bunch of corporate heads with upbeat, disco music just because you felt like the playlist needed to change. Change the songs, not the genres!


If you’re in the hospitality business, know that music is a powerful tool at your disposal that can do wonders for your business. The success of an establishment in hospitality is when the guest instantly gets aligned with the vibe you’ve created. Once that happens, the guest will only go with the flow – how they behave, how much they’re willing to spend, what memories they make, and how willing they are to come back to experience the same aura.

Choose the type of music for your establishment that goes well with the ideology and theme of your establishment. A little work here will go a long way!

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