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The Powerful Effect of Music on your Brand

27 Oct 2022

Ever since humans inhabited the earth, music has been an essential and constant aspect of our daily lives. We hear music everywhere we go, and there are all kinds of music for all sorts of emotions. We’ve grown so used to hearing music that we never take a moment to stop and think about how important it actually is when it comes to cultural representation.

The Journey from Bony Flutes to Music Boards

Music has been around since the Stone Age, and archaeologists have found evidence of tools that were used to make music. Most notable amongst those findings were flutes made out of bones.

Take a moment to let this sink in. A man, or a woman, whose main goal was survival, actually put in the time and effort to create an instrument that would allow them to treat their ears to a limited selection of musical sounds out of bones.

As wild as that sounds, it actually gives us a pretty good idea about the importance of music in human existence.

The Importance of Music in Human Existence and Culture

Currently, we hear an endless variety of music as the music industry continues to develop, thanks to globalization.

It’s very important to note that culture plays a part in the kind and content of music we hear. If we take the time to look at different music styles, we can see how much they’ve changed over time to align with the cultural norms of each time period. Oftentimes, we hear the older generations complain about today’s music when in reality, they fail to realize that music constantly evolves with time to match society’s standards. People are continually finding innovative ways to utilize different instruments and create new styles of music.

How Do Our Brains React to Music?

Music is a combination of different elements like rhythm, beats, energy, etc. Each of these elements has a distinctive effect on our emotions and actions when we’re listening to music.

One interestingstudy looked deeply at how those elements impact buying habits within a retail setting, while another study tied those elements to eating habits during a dining experience.

What Does Your Brand Sound Like?

Picture this: you’ve created the perfect brand with an unbelievable image and strategy, and you absolutely can’t wait to showcase this brand and establish a good number of valuable customers. You’ve even thought of every small detail that will help you compete in the international arena, yet you might still be missing one very important detail: What will this brand sound like?

Scientifically speaking, hearing is considered a mechanical sense that goes through a complex process of transferring sounds to the brain, where the brain then breaks them down and gives us a simple understanding of these sounds and how we should react to them.

In our everyday lives, we’re surrounded by unique sounds almost everywhere we go. What makes each sound different is how it’s tied to a certain memory or emotion within the human mind. That’s why music affects our actions in ways we can never fully comprehend.

In addition to the sound of birds chirping in the early morning, the sound of eggs sizzling on an oven top, and the sound of the first drops of rain hitting the ground, our brains also subconsciously react to different forms of music. That is why Naistro creates customized playlists as background music for brands to play in their stores and integrate into their overall brand identity.

So what does all of this have to do with your brand?

Well, after looking at how impactful music is in our daily lives, you can utilize this impact when choosing the perfect playlist for your brand by answering these questions:

  • How do you want people to feel as they cruise through the aisles of your store?
  • What experience do you want to give diners while they indulge in your exquisite dishes?
  • Do you want customers to leave your store quickly?
  • Would you rather have customers linger around and, in turn, spend more?

All of these questions provide an important perspective to look at when creating the perfect sound that resonates with people, and what better way to do so than by treating their senses to the unique music you’ve chosen to define your brand?

Choosing a playlist for your Brand Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy.

As you draft your marketing strategy, be sure to ask yourself how you want your brand to sound as well.

 Not only will this make the brand more relatable to customers, but it will also give it an edge that’s sure to resonate with people since they tend to always tie sensory branding and scents to certain places.

Giving your brand a unique sound in the form of a creatively curated music playlist is guaranteed to make it stand out among many others because customers will always refer back to the feelings they experienced at your venue through their sense of hearing.

How Does All of this Tie into Retail?

When choosing a playlist for specific venues, the most important aspect clients focus on is the music’s cultural suitability; therefore, it’s also crucial to take culture into consideration when choosing a specific music style. Each style also comes with its own cultural background. This is where the art of curating unique playlists comes in. Music, in this case, is tailored to match the cultural background of the venue without taking away its own cultural personality.

The Takeaway:

Music is such a diverse art, which has been around ever since history could note, and globalism has made it available to everyone around the world, but it’s very important to always keep in mind that it represents the culture of the place that it comes from, so next time you’re sipping on your warm cup of coffee at your favorite café, overfilled with happiness, make sure you also take the time to let the culture of each song sink in to enjoy a more wholesome musical experience.