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Why Is It Important to Play Music in your Restaurant?

12 Jan 2023

Music is an integral part of any social experience. It serves as way more than the background sound and possesses the ability to set your mood for the day. Have you ever found yourself feeling upset at the start of a work day, although nothing seems to have gone wrong? It was probably the music you listened to on the drive to work!

Music has the innate ability to shape and change not just your emotions but also your behaviour, thoughts, and actions. It is a truly powerful tool that can be used in any business to create a compelling atmosphere and make the overall customer experience much more pleasant. However, music is especially important in hospitality, as it can heighten a customer’s sense of connection to your restaurant.

Here are some important reasons why playing suitable background music in restaurants is an absolute must!

1. Create the Perfect Atmosphere

Music is one of the key elements to creating the perfect ambiance in your restaurant. The right harmony can set the mood of your restaurant and ensure that it is consistent with the décor and overall image of your eatery. Whether you’re going for a bright and fun vibe or a more classy and

Just make sure that your background music matches the kind of restaurant business that you’re running. For example, if it is a luxurious, fine dining scene, be sure to play some soft, classy jazz. On the other hand, something more upbeat would be ideal if you have a fast-food restaurant.

2. Make Your Food Taste Better

Did you know that the right type of music for a restaurant can actually affect what the food tastes like to your customers? Yes, surprising as it may sound, music is a great way to help your customers truly enjoy the food they have at your restaurant and leave them feeling quite content.

People mostly think that the senses of touch, taste, and smell only come to play when it comes to enjoying food, but your sense of hearing also has a significant role to play in the overall experience. The Guardian reported a scientific study that found that high-pitched music enhances sweet flavors, while lower-pitched music can make savory dishes more enjoyable. Why not use this to your advantage?

3. Boost your Brand Loyalty

In today’s world of endless options, good food alone is hardly enough to be on the top. While it may be one of the top factors, another major component is the kind of music playing in the background and how it affects the customer’s overall experience. Customers love to revisit places that leave them with cheerful and good memories. The right musical soundtrack can speak the desired language of your customers directly and solidify your restaurant’s position as their favorite place to eat out.

The role played by music in establishing your business identity and brand loyalty is overlooked far too often. However, it is a budget-friendly and highly effective way of creating the kind of identity you want for your business and helps it stand out among customers.

4. Encourage Patience and Calmness

Research shows that consumers are willing to wait longer and more patiently when the appropriate background music is playing. This is because music transforms the monotony and boredom of waiting time into an engaging and amusing experience. Therefore, playing the right background music in the waiting area can do wonders for the overall customer experience.

5. Improve Staff Efficiency

Aside from having a massive impact on your customers, playing music in restaurants also boosts staff morale and helps them perform better. A study conducted by MindLabs revealed that 81% of staff performed better when there was some music playing in the background. Moreover, 74% of employees prefer working in places where good music plays all day long. It allows them to feel good, even when work gets stressful, and they enjoy their days more. When your staff is relaxed and happy, it is directly reflected on the service they offer your customers. So, music for restaurants is a direct way to make everyone present in your hospitality business feel better and enjoy their time.

6. Influence Eating Rhythm

Has your restaurant ever experienced long waiting lines because your customers are taking way too long to finish their food and empty the table for the next family or friend group? Your playlist could be the reason behind their slow pace!

Music can greatly influence people’s eating rhythm and decide the pace at which they indulge in their food. Fast-paced music translates to increasing table turnover. Customers eat faster, leaving space for others. Obviously, you never want to make your customers feel rushed. But using the right playlist from Naistro is a great way to subtly encourage people to hurry up. It can be quite helpful during rush hours, especially in a fast-food restaurant!

7. Increase Spending

The last, but perhaps the most important, benefit of playing the right kind of restaurant music is that it can skyrocket your sales.

People often use music as a cue to determine how posh and luxurious a place is. Research shows that restaurants that play classical music are perceived to be fancier than eateries with pop music. So, you can easily use your playlist to offer customers a fine-dining experience or even offer a more relaxed and friendly vibe depending on your overall brand look.

Moreover, with music creating the perfect atmosphere, your customers are likely to spend more time in your restaurant. You’ll find them ordering appetizers and staying back for some delicious desserts!

The  Takeaway:

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