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Naistro is a B2B Cloud based service, established in 2019 ,  that uses automated music sequencing technology to provide customized licensed music streaming for businesses and brands. Naistro’s proprietary technology optimizes music selection, scheduling and flow for retail environments.

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Technical Requirements

Our Naistro’s app is designed to work seamlessly across multiple platforms , including Desktop, IOS and Android devices with a user friendly interface to make your journey easier.

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Bill Annually

Packages & Features

Naistro Studio
$35 $378

Choose your music from a variety of curated playlists crafted by a highly experienced team of
resident music experts. We are the leading Background music providers you can trust.

  • Explicit Filtration
  • Offline Playback
  • Arabic Music
  • Multi-venue Management
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Naistro Studio+
$45 $486

Craft your perfect musical journey, tailored to your preferences!

  • Birthday song feature
  • Multi-playlist selection
  • Prayer time management
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Naistro Managed

Create your unique brand sound and stand out. Together, we can create a sound that seamlessly completes and reflects your brand personality.

  • Prayer time Management
  • Personal Music Management
  • In store messages
  • On-Demand Birthday Song
  • Like & Dislike Songs
  • The Birthday Song Feature

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Dalma Mall

Dalma Mall previous about having a reliable company like Naistro to provide carefully selected background music that can affect the customer's mood and the atmosphere of the store.

Saraya Aqaba for Supporting Co. PSC

the right music gives the right atmosphere, vibes and compliments our guest’s experience. Naistro has helped solidify our water park as a fun and joyful place to be in. That's above the only way I would describe Naistro’s is Jamtastic

McDonald’s Qatar

Launching the App improved the entire music experience and usage. The selection of songs in the playlist, are diverse and relevant to the market.

Proposing curated playlist for occasions such as National Day, Valentine’s Day, Ramadan, etc. is much appreciated. Providing voice over supported us in continuously improving our in-store communication.


Working with Naistro has been an absolute pleasure from the outset. Their professionalism and dedication to understanding our brands' needs have truly set them apart. Right from the initial consultation, it was evident that Naistro was invested in creating a tailored music solution that would resonate with our customers. They took the time to learn about our brands identity, target audience, and desired ambience, ensuring that every playlist they curated was aligned with our vision. The quality of their music selection is exceptional, striking the perfect balance between familiarity and freshness. Whether it's upbeat tunes to invigorate shoppers or soothing melodies to encourage relaxation, Naistro consistently delivers playlists that enhance the overall in-store experience. Overall, our experience with Naistro has been nothing short of fantastic. They have not only provided us with a seamless music streaming solution but have also become trusted partners in our mission to create memorable retail experiences for our customers.

M.H Al Mana Group

Thank you for being our partner in providing great music to our guest! Great Playlist its very suitable to our brand and a very helpful Team.

Al-Jazari , Lucca Steakhouse

We’ve been using Naisro since day one, it was always an added value to our place. You can choose your own music theme and stop worrying about the music. With a good internet connection Naistro can do it all for your music

IKEA Egypt

Naistro Support our customer experience journey in store.


Adventure HQ

Boulevard Alabdali

Peppermill Testimonial

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