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First Middle Eastern Company to provide background music for your business across industries. We are the best background music providers in GCC

Naistro is a B2B Cloud based service, established in 2019 ,  that uses automated music sequencing technology to provide customized licensed music streaming for businesses and brands. Naistro’s proprietary technology optimizes music selection, scheduling and flow for retail environments.


We help your business grow by elevating your customers’ experiences through our retail music solutions

  • Establish position and differentiate your brand
  • Uplift mood of customers & staff
  • Increase repeat visits & referrals,
  • Encourage higher dwell times
  • Increase sales & avr. cost per sales.


To optimize overall business performance, it is imperative to focus on three key objectives: enhancing repeat visits and referrals, promoting extended dwell times, and boosting sales alongside the average cost per sale.

A real impact on real people

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Meet the team behind the magic!

Mays Alkhudari

Managing Director

Miran Awamleh

Client Relation Manager

Enas Selwadi

Senior Accountant

Dina Shouani

Sale Consultant

Habib Adeku

Senior Developer

Haya Aljabali


Mohammad Abuzaid

Music Curator

Saba Damra

Music Curator

Aya Amine

Music Curator

Myline Espiritu

Admin Assistant

Don’t stop the music

We help you create your unique brand sound. One that amplifies your brand identity and one that sets you apart. This way your sound will resonate every time an existing or potential customer hears it.

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