12 Jan 2023

Why Is It Important to Play Music in your Restaurant?

Music is an integral part of any social experience. It serves as way more than the background sound and possesses the ability to set your mood for the day. Have you ever found yourself feeling upset at the start of a work day, although nothing seems to have gone wrong? It was probably the music you listened to on the drive to work!

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27 Oct 2022

The Powerful Effect of Music on your Brand

Ever since humans inhabited the earth, music has been an essential and constant aspect of our daily lives. We hear music everywhere we go, and there are all kinds of music for all sorts of emotions.

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How Retail Background Music Impacts Customer Spending

Have you ever walked into your favorite clothing store with the intention of buying those cool new sneakers you’ve been eyeing for a while, only to end up leaving with five shirts, two pairs of pants, a duffle bag, and some sunglasses? Perhaps once you get back in your car, you’ll realize that you forgot about the sneakers that you wanted entirely!

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